Drones deployed for commercial purposes or law enforcement are incredible tools and not toys. There is a myriad of risks and liabilities to the organizations that DSI training specifically addresses to minimize the legal/financial exposure that extends far beyond the cost of the equipment and into the department.

FAA Part 107 Knowledge Training

The DSI 5-day FAA Part 107 live course is designed for drone pilots with zero experience or years of experience. All students will learn from both the FAA materials, as well as Practical Lessons designed to integrate the Part 107, Risk Management, Crew Resource Management, and State Law into both the knowledge-based materials, and flight instruction. A student’s typical day is 4-hours of knowledge training and 4-hours of flight training for 4 days. The fifth day consists of a flight skills final, and FAA Part 107 knowledge practice final.

UAV Flight Training

DSI Instructors are FAA licensed pilots with thousands of hours of fixed wing, rotary, and UAV experience which translates to unmatched excellence in transferring knowledge to new pilots.

Thermal Inspections

DSI performs qualitative or quantitative thermal inspections with Radiometric thermal cameras. By utilizing advanced, non-destructive sUAS thermal technologies, we often can reveal the scope and extent of a problem before it leads to additional losses. It can also be used as a baseline for a newly completed project. After completing the inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive report indicating any thermal anomalies which require further investigation.

Advanced UAV Flight Courses

DSI provides a suite of advanced knowledge and flight training courses including Night Flying, Signal Interference and Recovery Techniques, DJI Matrice 200 Series, Search and Rescue, Introduction to UAS Thermography and more.

FAA COA/Waiver Preparation 

The DSI team consists of licensed FAA pilots/instructors and Public Safety professionals who have years of experience in writing Standard Operating Procedures, COAs and Safety Management System protocols. DSI has assisted several police agencies in obtaining their FAA COAs.   

Specialized Law Enforcement and Corporate Security Training

DSI provides specialized training for law enforcement and corporate security organizations. Topics include indoor tactical flying, Search and Rescue Ops, Damage Assessment, Night Mission Planning, Locating Subjects via Thermal Imaging and more.

Annual UAV Pilot Recertification

sUAS pilots are required by the FAA to re-certify every twenty-four months. DSI provides a comprehensive review of FAA Part 107 regulations to prepare drone pilots for the Renewal Knowledge Test. In addition, we can provide advanced flight testing to ensure existing employees have maintained acceptable pilot skill levels.

SOP and SMS Consultation

The DSI team consists of licensed FAA pilots/instructors and Public Safety professionals who have years of experience in writing Standard Operating Procedures and developing Safety Management System protocols.  

Certified sUAS 
Thermographers available

Have an aerial project or inspection requiring thermal images? Contact us. We have FLIR™ trained and certified UAS thermographers on staff to assist you with your project.

Emergency Response

We offer a 24hr on Location Response time anywhere in the US Gulf Coast.


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